Kitesurfing Holidays

Tarifa Winter Camp

Learn, improve and perfect your kitesurfing with unlimited hours on the beach in Tarifa, Spain.

Full Lessons, Coaching
or Free Riding……

Weekenders – Weeks
or any duration to suits you!

This Winter in Tarifa we are offering something very unique: 
Total Immersion Kitesurfing with UNLIMITED HOURS
something we are unable to do in the UK due to the unpredictable wind!

These are Paul's comments who came to the December camp: 
"So what can I say, an amazing week with you, thank you so much for organising arranging, giving me  tuition providing a lot of patience and understanding to a numpty kite surfer, I really did have a wonderful time and loved the location and the weather was pretty decent as well, so a really big thank you. On the instructor level I think you are brilliant, very patient to say the least,  every stage was broken down a completely new way of working to get things to sink in."

This camp is open to all abilites from learners to intermediates as well as those superstars and not forgetting non kitesurfers should your friend or partner wish to come.